My journey with image and self love.

My last post was about how God thinks we are beautiful no matter what, how our flaws are non-existent in his eyes, and most importantly how we are made in his image. It took me a while to actually realize this in my own life. I have a skin disease called eczema and it has been quite the journey. I have learned to love myself no matter how bad my skin looks to me, or anyone else! the only thing that matter is what god thinks, and man did it take me a while to figure that out…

This skin disease causes lots of pigment loss. if you don’t know what that is, it’s where certain areas of your skin turn while and don’t match the color of the rest of your body. For me this looked like small patches of white everywhere. I had it all up my arms and all down my thighs and it really sucked! I was so embarrassed at the pool or even wearing shorts because my skin looked different, and i would get jealous of other girls simply because they had clear skin. It was a really hard thing to overcome, but one night at a church event, randomly one of my good friends told me how beautiful my spots were and how she loved every single one of them. It almost made me cry to think that someone could possibly think that about something i thought was so ugly. I knew right then and there, that it was God speaking through her. He wanted me to know that i’m beautiful regardless of my pigment loss. It’s something that i had always hated about myself and in that moment God taught me how to embrace it and love it.

I’m so thankful i was taught that lesson! Of course I still have issues with insecurities about my skin sometimes but I now know the truth and it feels great! God thinks I am beautiful and that’s all that matters! I’m still learning how to completely embrace my spots and use them to help others who have them, like my sister. It’s a work in progress but God’s got me covered!!!

the one thing i want people to know, is that GOD THINKS YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT AND THERE IS NOTHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY MAKE HIM THINK OTHERWISE! you are so loved friends, so loved.


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