The little moments

The little moments that I encounter with God, are the biggest moments for me. Again and again God is revealing himself to me in the smallest ways, letting me know that he is THERE!

School is right around the corner, and today I felt myself feeling extremely anxious about it and all of the change that will happen this year. I found myself AFRAID. AFRAID to go back and see things I don’t want to see. AFRAID of change. AFRAID to move on and be happy. AFRAID of failure and sadness. AFRAID of rejection and judgement. plain and simple. Today I was scared, and I still am.

So. I said that God has continued to reveal himself to me in the smallest ways lately.. and he did it once again ladies and gentlemen! When I was feeling afraid earlier today, it was while I was driving to a Sunday dinner with my youth group to kick off our senior year. As always I have my worship playlist blaring, and all of a sudden the song “Be Still” came on. one of my favorites for sure. But today I REALLY listened to the lyrics. I’m just gonna list some of the lyrics below so you guys can see just how amazing this is.

•• Be still and know that the lord is in control

•• I won’t be afraid, if you are here, you silence all my fears

•• surely love and mercy, your peace and kindness will follow me

•• your love surrounds me, your love surrounds me here

Man did this song hit me hard. God was SPECIFICALLY telling me not to be afraid right there in that moment. he was straight up reminding me that he silences ALL of our fears. And that if we choose to go to him with everything, his love, mercy, peace, and kindness will surround us. WOW. what a great reminder!!!

i’m so incredibly blessed to know God and know his promises! I just thought this was a super cool moment and I wanted to share it with you all to let you know that GOD IS THERE! GO TO HIM! CLING TO HIM. HE WILL REVEAL HIMSELF TO YOU IN THE MOST AMAZING RANDOM WAYS!!!!


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