random post of encouragement

I got a message the other day from one of my youth group leaders about a post she had seen on facebook, and I felt the need to share!

my meditation for the day, on feeling discouraged:

Jesus used dirt and spit to make a blind man see. He took things often associated with filth, dishonor, and disgust and used them to bring sight and healing. Christ redeems our failures, our inadequacies- our dirt- and uses them to give us sight. Sight into the riches of his grace, his love, his perfection, and his calling over our lives

God will use the dirty things happening in your life for good. The trial you are walking through right now, will have a happy ending. It has a purpose. You are going through it for a reason. God promises us that he has a beautiful plan for ALL of our lives! God is right there with you through all of your trials, and has a plan to make that trial into a learning experience or blessing.


—- you may feel defeated in this moment, but it’s not permanent! God will provide and give you answers! All in his perfect timing my friends.


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