Sin is expensive

Sin is expensive. Incredibly expensive. But the price isn’t paid in cash, It’s paid in mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. God didn’t create a list of do’s and dont’s to see if we could follow them. Instead he laid out a set of essential guidelines for living. His anger towards lying, stealing, cheating, murder, jealousy, and pride is because all of these things destroy relationships. Everything that the bible labels as sin… is something that God is trying to PROTECT us from. His desire is love, peace, grace, and harmony with him and all of creation. Sin is our defiant rejection of this in an effort to satisfy our own selfish desires.

DANG PINTEREST!!! at it again with the quotes that hit me harddd. This is so true. Sin is detrimental to us. it only affects our relationship with God, and that is the only relationship that should truly matter to us in the long run. God wants to protect us from these horrible things in life that we may encounter at some point… so LET HIM! surrender everything to him and let him take control of your life! Of course letting God unto your life isn’t going to make everything perfect or make sin go away. It’s a daily struggle for every single christian out there! But once we let God in, he helps us get through ALL of our struggles and shines light on what we need to work on and helps us do it!! Thank you jesus for this sweet reminder.


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