healed or cured?

Today in my devotional I read about what it truly means to be cured. and that is by God only.

A lot of times in our society people tend to run to worldly things to make them happy or to “fill” that empty space in their life, trying to make the pain go away. For example, people run towards making a lot of money, having the best job, having the most popular friends, or having the best social media account. Simply just keeping themselves busy with friends or doing fun things to “heal” their hurt.

Sure these things may heal you. but that is only temporary. They may make the pain in that moment go away, but it will always catch back up to you, if you don’t go to God with it. God has the power to CURE YOU. He wants you to be restored, renewed, and whole again. He has the power to completely remove whatever is in your life that is causing you pain or heartache. GO TO HIM. CLING TO HIM AND HIS WORD. it is the only thing that will truly give you joy and the peace to move on from past things in your life.

I want you guys to know that when this world leaves you feeling broken and in pieces, God is the only one who can fully put you back together. Running to the world will only leave you feeling emptiness. But God will give you a peace of mind and will pull you out from whatever turmoil you may be in.

Don’t strive to be temporarily HEALED. strive to be eternally CURED.

“Therefore, if any man is in christ, he is a new creature. Old things have passed away. Look, all things have become new. All this is from God.” -1st corinthians 5:-16-18

I hope this encourages you in some way, shape or form!


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