He walks with you.

I just recently finished a devotional plan on the bible app called “unoffendable”. let me tell ya, it was a great read and I really recommend it to anyone who is into bible app devos!

day 10 was all about Peter and the story of him walking on water to Jesus. Peter stepped out of the boat he was on into stormy waters, completely focused on Jesus and getting to him. he started out good, but then took his eyes off of Jesus and started to focus on what he was doing. He began to sink because he became scared and his trust in God faded. This happens all too often in our lives. We know God and we know he is there with us, guiding us, but then we start to focus on the worldy struggle and we begin to consume our emotions in it instead of trusting God completely. once we do that we sink and sometimes the situation gets worse. This is a daily struggle for EVERYONE. EVERYONE has struggled with this at one point of another in their lives, and it really sucks. We want to be fully focused on God but this world gives us so many distraction that causes us to lose sight of the person who is there to help us through it. But the story doesn’t just stop there. It continues on and once peter started to drown, Jesus pulled him up from the waves and held on to him, walking him back to the boat. The storm did not cease until they were both back in the boat together.


Jesus and Peter walked back to the boat and through the storm TOGETHER! Peter got something in that deep water that he wouldn’t have got if he would have stayed in the boat. He got a walk to remember. God uses these storms in your lives to teach you lessons and to give you things to look back on so you can remember all the growth you have been through. I know for me this is so true. God has been so faithful to me through all of my storms, and the one thing I will always remember the most is that he walked with me every step of the way and guided me through it. He taught me lessons and taught me how to handle certain situations on my own, and most importantly he taught me how to completely let go and trust his every move. God doesn’t put you through storms for fun. He has a purpose for EVERYTHING he does, and it will all make sense to us one of these days. I know a lot of this blog is about walking through trials, but its because I think a lot of us struggle with some really hard things in life, but never know where or who to turn to. I’m here to remind you that GOD is who we must run to, because he is the only one who will fully restore you and make you whole again. I am slowly learning this and its an AMAZING feeling to know that GOD WALKS WITH ME!!! Don’t lose hope, keep your eyes on Jesus.


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